Revisiting October’s Insights: Center for Women’s Heart

CV care for women remains suboptimal. Specialised women’s heart centers provide a unique, longterm solution to address ongoing deficiencies in CV health provision for women.
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Biljana Parapid:   The dream of everyone is to go and see the Barbra Streisand Women’s Heart Center because it’s all in one place. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be all in one place. The blessing of telemedicine is actually exactly that – if you have a very competent center in your hospital, like you do, you can link telemedicine with Warsaw or Cracow, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be all under one roof. If the local customs and the budgeting… You also have universal coverage, right? So, if the Minister of Health said, ‘Yeah, but you know, you’re a town with so many inhabitants; we don’t see the necessity…’ and so on, I don’t think that you should give up.