Revisiting October’s Insights: Women in the Cathlab

Although many women become cardiologists, only a few of them choose an interventional career. Radiation exposure is one of the limitations.
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Radosław Parma:   So, the final slides are telling that there are several societies now trying to attract female operators to do and not to stop doing the operations during the pregnancy. One of them is the European Heart Rhythm Association, which was already shown. Another one is coming from the US, and another one is the most recent one from 2023, which shows also that there can be measures to let the women do the operations during the pregnancy with a very low risk to the children. And also, the Women as One movement has a dedicated websites, I visited today, for the radiation safety for these female operators. So, in the summary, I would say, on the left, for most of us, we should minimize radiation, we should protect ourselves and our patients with protective measures. But we should also try to attract women to stay with us during pregnancy while taking care of the proper protection for them, and also spreading the knowledge and discussing this topic like today.