Revisiting October’s Insights: Cardiac imaging – what is the future?

The session on Cardiac Imaging presents the latest advancements and challenges in both non-interventional and interventional modalities. It highlights the potential of CMR as a tool for invasive procedures, discussing its benefits and limitations. The session also explores gender differences in plaque characteristics and emphasizes the importance of functional assessment, particularly of the microcirculation.

Watch the sneak peek

Stephane Manzo-Silberman:   What about the functional evaluation with FFR-CT? Then, we go back to sex differences because, for the same level of stenosis diagnosed with a CT scan, females will have higher levels of FFR-CT. What does it mean? For now, we do not know. Thus, in these patients with a similar degree of stenosis, they won’t be addressed for revascularization. And what is the comprehensive assessment? Aren’t we missing something? The interest of the ADVANCE registry study is that it’s raising question and pathway for further study.