Women Leadership Symposium at the Prevention & Intervention 2023 Conference

The Women Leadership Symposium at the Prevention & Intervention Central and Eastern Europe Summit 2023 focused on empowering women in healthcare to develop leadership skills. It featured insights from professionals providing career advancement tips for cardiologists, nurses, academics, and industry professionals. We discussed how to inspire women to take on leadership roles, followed by a panel discussion to encourage networking and exchange of ideas among healthcare professionals.

Izabella Uchmanowicz :     We have to be hard workers. We have to be consistent. And we have to collaborate with people. Without collaboration, we will not really be successful in our career, despite it’s a career of a cardiologist, a nurse, a physiotherapist, or a dietitian. So, I would like to say to you: gain your goals, reach for the stars, do whatever you can, and learn English because otherwise, you cannot make an international career.