Women in Cardiology: empowering women leaders and changing the women’s health at the Prevention & Intervention 2023 Conference

Martha Gulati: “Mid-career, you want to remove the invisibility cloak.” Uncover strategies for visibility, mentorship, and leadership, pivotal for navigating the complexities of mid-career stages in medicine.

Martha Gulati: Mid-career, you want to remove the invisibility cloak. Mid-career is the time when we get taken for granted, and people aren’t really helping us, you know. There’s often no mentorship for mid-career women or programs in our institutions. It’s ambiguous how you get promoted. I know many women can relate to that. There’s no one really guiding you at that stage. They’re expecting you to take over, and sometimes you can get lost. Definitely, leadership roles are often not very clear. But remember to also find mentees. That’s the joy we get, right, to bring up other people as well. And don’t forget, you still need mentors. Just because you’re in mid-career doesn’t mean that you aren’t eligible for mentors or sponsors. And that’s a great time to also consider getting a coach. Also, find leadership roles. There may not be any at your institution because they bypassed you. But that doesn’t mean that the societies we belong to aren’t open to you. That doesn’t mean that there are no other opportunities out there to raise your profile, both local, national, and even international. And just try to control your pathway forward. It is a very hard time. I think the hardest time in medicine is your mid-career.