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Maksymilian Opolski Prevention & Intervention Conference

Revisiting October’s Insights: “CHIP from the patient and operator perspective – does gender matter?”

Maksymilian Opolski on what to do to bridge the gender disparities gap in CTO, PCI, and CHIP business:
🔹 focus on precision in diagnosis,
🔹adjust the toolkit,
🔹prevent complications.

Jelena Celutkiene Prevention & Intervention Conference

Revisiting October’s Insights: “Heart Failure in women – the sex gap”

Prof. Jelena Celutkiene highlights the need for sex-specific interpretations in heart failure treatments, as trials often show varied benefits between men and women, underscoring the importance of considering sex in clinical outcomes.

Ewa Piotrowicz Prevention & Intervention

Revisiting October’s Insights: “Secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease in women: closing the gap”

Polish study shows telemanagement significantly improves heart failure patients’ physical capacity and quality of life, with high adherence leading to reduced cardiovascular mortality.

Marta Kałużna-Oleksy Prevention & Intervention

Revisiting October’s Insights: “Acute Coronary Syndromes where we are and what is the future?”

Exploring the sex gap in cardiac rehabilitation post-myocardial infarction reveals significant disparities: lower participation rates among women, less physical activity, and greater challenges in weight and lipid management.

Marek Gierlotka Prevention & Intervention Conference

Revisiting October’s Insights: “Cardiogenic Shock Centres – the way to success”

Optimal patient selection and timing of MCS remains challenging. Despite trials results showing neutral outcomes, recent guidelines recommend MCS before revascularization as the best approach.

Janina Stepinska Prevention & Intervention Conference

Revisiting October’s Insights: “Paying attention to the sex-related differences among patients hospitalized in the ICU”

Prof. Janina Stępińska advocates for targeted education among women to address critical delays in reporting cardiovascular symptoms and seeking timely interventions.

Michael Papadakis - Pharmacological approach to calcium treatment

Revisiting October’s Insights: “Calcifications in modern medicine”

Study on 150 veteran athletes reveals more calcium/plaques after decades of endurance exercise. Findings suggest a stable plaque nature, possibly lowering acute myocardial infarction risk.

Erin D. Michos - Pregnancy and reproductive risk factors for cardiovascular disease in women

Revisiting October’s Insights: “Cardiovascular health and cardiometabolic risk in women”

Dive into women’s heart health: Explore assessing cardiometabolic risk, pregnancy-related risks, and tackling care disparities. Join our session to empower women’s CV health!

Vijay Kunadian "Women's aspects in 2023 ESC Guidelines"

Revisiting October’s Insights: “Women’s aspects in 2023 ESC Guidelines”

Dive into the heart of women’s cardiovascular health at the session, chaired by Cecilia Linde and Roxana Mehran, focusing on the 2023 ESC Guidelines.