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Renata Glowczynska

Revisiting October’s Insights: “Cardiovascular disease in women: understanding symptoms, risk factors, and management strategies”

Increased recognition of the prevalence of traditional CVD risk factors, and their differential impact in women, as well as emerging, nontraditional risk factors unique to or more common in women, contribute to new understanding of mechanisms leading to these worsening outcomes for women.

Radoslaw Parma

Revisiting October’s Insights: “Women in the Cathlab”

Although many women become cardiologists, only a few of them choose an interventional career. Radiation exposure is one of the limitations.

Biljana Parapid

Revisiting October’s Insights: “Center for Women’s Heart”

CV care for women remains suboptimal. Specialised women’s heart centers provide a unique, longterm solution to address ongoing deficiencies in CV health provision for women.

Roxana Mehran

Revisiting October’s Insights: “Interventional Cardiology – Women’s Perspective”

Rethinking Interventional Cardiology: It’s not about working harder, but smarter. Let’s balance work & life for a healthier workforce. Time for a systemic reboot for both men & women in the field.

Prev&Interv 2023 - Martha Gulati

Revisiting October’s Insights: “Women’s Heart Health – Differences?”

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading killer of both women and men in the US. Despite the significant impact CVD has on women, awareness, and education for women’s heart disease have historically been low.