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Radoslaw Parma “Women in the Cathlab”

Revisiting October’s Insights: “Women in the Cathlab”

Although many women become cardiologists, only a few of them choose an interventional career. Radiation exposure is one of the limitations.

Biljana Parapid “Center for Women’s Heart”

Revisiting October’s Insights: “Center for Women’s Heart”

CV care for women remains suboptimal. Specialised women’s heart centers provide a unique, longterm solution to address ongoing deficiencies in CV health provision for women.

Roxana Mehran “Interventional Cardiology – Women’s Perspective”

Revisiting October’s Insights: “Interventional Cardiology – Women’s Perspective”

Rethinking Interventional Cardiology: It’s not about working harder, but smarter. Let’s balance work & life for a healthier workforce. Time for a systemic reboot for both men & women in the field.